Visa-Free African Countries for US Citizens: 8 Places to Explore

Are you an American citizen looking to explore Africa? Check out this list of 8 African countries where travelers from the United States can visit without a visa!

Visa-Free African Countries for US Citizens: 8 Places to Explore

Without a doubt, the African continent is full of places to explore and experiences to enjoy. And if you're a US citizen, you can make your journey even easier with these visa-free African countries. We've put together this list of 8 African countries where travelers from the United States can visit without a visa. Check if your favorite African country is on the list!A visa is not required for stays of up to 90 days in Equatorial Guinea.

While a visa is not necessary, visitors should make sure that they have a passport valid for at least six months. Passport holders traveling to Tanzania must have a passport valid for a minimum of six months from the date of entry and at least one blank passport page is required. Citizens can enter Lesotho with no more than a passport valid for 30 days. Any extension beyond this must be done through the Immigration Office. Citizens only need to present a valid passport and proof of a round trip ticket to visit Mauritius.

Upon arrival, tourists have a maximum of 60 days to stay in the country. To visit Tunisia, a valid passport with at least one blank page is required. A maximum stay of 90 days upon entry into the country.

Visa-Free African Countries for US Citizens: Enjoy the Beauty of Africa

Seychelles is fairly easy for any U. S.

citizen to travel to as they don't require a visa. However, citizens of Kosovo are exempt from this, which means that their citizens must have a visa. The typical climate in Mozambique is warm and tropical, ideal for travelers. This South African country is a pleasure to visit, as it is dotted with beaches, marine reserves, colonial ruins and delicious seafood.

Equatorial Guinea

grants visa-free entry for U.

citizens for up to 90 days. Because of its position in Central Africa, Equatorial Guinea has an unsurpassed biodiversity after the Amazon. Enjoy 90 days of visa-free entry to Tunisia. In cities, there are small alleys lined with pastel-colored houses and bustling souks while in the countryside, there are historic ruins to explore.


ese visas are exempt for U.

citizens with a duration of 90 days. It is one of the top destinations in West Africa due to its exceptional cultural attractions and welcoming business environment.

Visa-Free African Countries for US Citizens: Explore Morocco and Mauritius

For 90 days, U. citizens can visit Morocco for free and enjoy the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean Sea and the convergence of the Atlantic Ocean here. Marrakech, Casablanca and Fez are the main tourist destinations in Morocco.


gives you 90 days without an entry visa and its magnificent coastline, with its glistening white sand beaches and blue lagoons, is always stunning - best enjoyed from the air! Lesotho is no different from other visa-free African countries for US citizens: there is a 90-day grace period.

Visa-Free African Countries for US Citizens: Enjoy Outdoor Activities in Lesotho

Whether you want to do outdoor activities, see historic monuments, or experience total isolation, Lesotho has something to offer every type of traveler.

Lesotho has a wide range of sports, such as mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and water sports. The Visa Openness Index for Africa measures the degree to which African countries are open to travelers from other African countries. With the introduction of the visa waiver for citizens of 27 designated countries, it is now possible for many travelers to enter the United States without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program (WVP). Visa-free travel is also available to qualifying travelers entering the United States for business, vacation or in transit.

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