When it comes to African clothing, there are many interesting styles that the culture has created. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the interesting Africa facts about the clothes worn throughout the country. In many of the poorer countries, people can’t even afford clothes and simply wear a piece of fabric instead. If one lives in such a high poverty stricken area, it is not uncommon to see civilians wearing no clothes at all. Let’s take a deeper look at the African attire.

African Clothing for Men

Men in Africa usually wear what is called a dashiki. A dashiki is a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and a hat known as a kofia. In the hottest parts of the country, men will wear kitenges or kangas which is basically a t-shirt around their waist. Some men from other parts of Africa dress only in white robes. This is a mere basis of region alone.

African Clothing for Children

African attire for children usually is usually very similar to whatever their parents wear. While most attire ranges from country to country, often kids don’t wear anything at all. In poverty-stricken areas in Africa, you will often see children running around with no clothing all day and night. If that was done in just about any other country, it would be frowned upon, but in Africa, it is very normal.


African Clothing for Women

Women’s attire ranges from country to country. There are various colors, prints, and styles of fabric used for the their dresses. Most clothing includes beaded skirts, head veils, scarves, and other elaborate pieces. A lot of African women will finish off their wardrobe with big, loud jewelry. In some countries, women wear very little fabric to cover themselves. In fact, it is very normal for women to walk around topless, especially in hot areas near the Sahara desert.

In some countries, as you can see, clothing is culturally important and is properly worn by both men and women. They take pride in the clothes they wear and the women even add head pieces and jewelry to extend their beauty. In other countries, clothes are very scarce. Some are lucky to even have a piece of fabric to wear because of how poor the areas they live in are.

Many folks in other parts of the world take every day clothes for granted, but just think if you were in one of the poorer countries in Africa where clothes are impossible to find. People everywhere throw away clothes because they are 1 inch too small or because the color has simply faded; whereas other people, such as those in Africa, have dreams to be able to wear any piece of clothing, big or small.

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