The most important roads for landlocked Rwanda’s external trade run from Kigali to Kibungo and from Kigali to Kagitumba, About 90% of foreign trade is via the Kagitumba route, which leads to the Kenyan ports via Uganda.

Rwanda has different forms of road transport. They include:

Express Costas: These provide transport in key urban areas of Rwanda and also link Kigali City with major regional centers.

Bicycles: Bicycles are a common means of transport around the country but are not allowed to enter towns. They stop in designated areas before they enter town.

Share taxi: These are taxis which are locally known as Twegerane which means let’s sit together in the Kinyarwanda language. These are the common means of transport in urban areas.

Buses: The buses provide a means of transport between Kigali and other urban centers in Rwanda. The buses also connect Rwanda with other neighboring countries. The main bus companies operating in Rwanda include Jaguar Executive Coaches, Regional Coach Services and Onatracom among others.

Car Rentals

There is a budding car rental sector in Rwanda. These offer private transport on either self drive or chaffeur driven services. Major car rental companies include;

Water transport in Rwanda

Despite the fact that Rwanda is a land-locked country and mostly mountainous, it is gifted with lakes and rivers, which might make inland navigation an attractive alternative for some connections in both the transport of passengers and goods.

Air transport in Rwanda

Rwanda has Kigali International Airport located about 10 km from Kigali city centre. The airport handles international flights to Lagos, Brazzaville, Dubai, Nairobi, Entebbe, Addis Ababa, Bujumbura, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Brussels and Doha.
The other key airport is Kamembe Airport in the town of Cyangugu which serves south western Rwanda and the town of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Domestic airports in Rwanda

  • Butare Airport which is located in the city of Butare in Huye District, Southern Province. Its location lies approximately 80 kilometers by air, southwest of Kigali International Airport.
  • Gisenyi Airport which is located in Rwanda’s Western Province in Rubavu District in the town of Gisenyi at the international border with Democratic Republic of Congo .Its location lies approximately 94 kilometers, by air, northwest of Kigali International Airport
  • Nemba Airport which is located in Rwanda’s Eastern Province in Bug sera District in the town of Nema, at the International border with Republic of Burundi .Its location lies approximately 50 kilometers by air, southeast of Kigali International Airport.
  • Ruhengeri Airport
    Located in Rwanda’s Northern Province in Musanze District in the town of Ruhengeri .Its location lies approximately 70 kilometers (43 mi), by air, northwest of Kigali International Airport.
  • Bug sera International Airport will be located in southeastern Rwanda, in Bug sera District near the town of Nyamata. Its location is approximately 24 kilometers (15 mi), by air, south of Kigali International Airport.

Railway transport in Rwanda

There are currently no railway lines in Rwanda, although various plans to construct railways have been proposed, including a proposed line to Tanzania