Cape Town

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Cape Town
Cape Town is the best and well known location in South Africa. People love to go and enjoy the life in Cape Town where you will see many locations to feel like you are on the ninth sky. Exploring Cape Town one more place that is popular and eco-friendly that attracts tourists to come and spent a day with it is The Fourth Beach.

You will get many beaches in Cape Town but one which is famous and have something that makes it special in the globe is one and only Fourth Beach. This beach is considered as one of the world’s best beaches. You will unable to see the sand of Fourth beach as it remains jam packed with umbrellas, beach towels, chairs, and bodies. Even you will find celebrities at this beach who comes to make their mood and do sunbathe.

This beach has been given a title which is a Blue Flag beach due to its water quality and management makes the environment more comfortable. It is popularly known as the Clifton’s Fourth Beach. Table Mountain and Lion’s Head makes this beach more special as they form a spectacular backdrop.

Clifton is actually separated by rocky bays into four different beaches and is inter-linked with the granite boulders. From the southern side and the largest beach where you will find a huge amount of crowd is the Fourth beach with its status as mentioned earlier as Blue Flag. During the burning summer you can see crowd of people but one thing that’s really shocking is its water that remains unbearably cold throughout the year.

All you can say that South Africa’s most expensive property is the Clifton where you will get many beaches to hang out.

You can enjoy here by playing Volleyball, sunbathe, throwing frisbees etc. as the Fourth beach always remains busy with the youngsters. Apart from the Fourth beach you can see the third beach where the gay population of Cape Town could be found commonly whereas, the second beach is popular among the city’s university students and bohemians and exploring the first beach it could be said that this beach is not that popular as remaining three but if you see its glory it is not less than the other three beaches.

Clifton has few attractive spots where you can have a sunset picnic at the First beach, you can go for stroll at the Second beach and in Fourth beach you will find people resting on the deck chair, playing various games, tan their body and much more.

So to reach at an attractive place like the Fourth beach you will get many tour guides who operate in Cape Town. To reach here you can catch a flight to Cape Town International Airport which is situated on the N2 highway and takes nearly 20 minutes from the city Centre that is about 22 Kilometres. If you want to reach Clifton through Johannesburg International Airport then that will also be done as Johannesburg is the center of South Africa. After that you can reach Clifton within a short span of time by driving. If you travel by car then make sure that you will be able to park you vehicle by paying entrance fee as parking place always remains pack.

After getting in Clifton all you have to think about the accommodations and in Clifton you won’t get many hotels to stay but still there are many hotels to reside near the Fourth beach. Few of the hotels are Bantry Luxury Suites, La Corniche, 62 on fourth that has a distance of 0.07 Km, Clifton Bungalow situated at a distance of 0.07 Km, Cape View 1 at 0.20 Km, Cape View 2 at 0.26 Km, Mountain Side with 0.44 Km. These are few hotels where you can stay and get luxurious facilities. Clifton Bungalow is a hotel which is located above Fourth beach though makes this hotel unique.

One who really loves beaches to feel fresh then here is a fantastic place for all of them and that place is situated in Cape Town called Fourth beach. So be ready to get tan in the Fourth beach. No doubt it is a perfect place for those who loves to hang on beaches.
Tia Szymansky
Tia Szymansky

Having Spent 8 Years Travelling, I have decided to Live in Africa for the past 2 years. Love every moment of it and sharing my best guides and tips if you plan on travelling here. Africa is always oversighted due to media and I believe with my blog, I can help revive the African Travel and Tourism Industry and invite you all here for a fantastic time :)

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